Ashley (ashcash7) wrote,

Demi/Archuleta concert July 17

went to the Demi and David concert in L.A. last night it was so much fun. lol. they were really great, even if Demi's voice sounded a teeny bit hoarse.

there were like a whole bunch of like Disney stars, it was kinda funny. this one kids from some Disney XD show was sitting next to me and down like in my row was Sterling Knight (from Sonny with a Chance and 17 Again) Doug Brochu (Sonny with a Chance) Roshon Fegan (Camp Rock) and near me was Cheetah Girl Sabrina, and nickelodeon's Victoria Justice and saw Allysn from Sonny and Debby Ryan from Suite Life. also Kathy Najimy (Sister Act and Hocus Pocus) man oh man I wish I could've gotten a picture with her. like Sterling, Sabrina, Roshon and Victoria got like mobbed by girls. I sort of feared for their lives. little, tween and teen girls are kinda vicious. ahaha.

and I randomly ran into the Jonas Brothers Uncle Josh at the concert too. I feel like such a creep for recognizing him. lol. I told him to congratulate Kevin on his engagement for me. and to Joe for dating his twin, his uncle was all like, what? all confused. and I said well Camilla is the female version of Joe, so it's all good. and he just bust up laughing it was sorta funny. idk. so yeah. it was super fun, and I can't wait to see Demi in concert sometime again.

man I'm so lame.
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