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No Doubt/Paramore August 1, Jonas Brothers August 8

August 1, I went to the No Doubt Paramore concert in Irvine. It was seriously so much fun. Gwen is so fierce and her body is amazing. Adrian wore a tutu for part of the show, it was hilarious. I love Tom, and Tony's just awesome. Paramore was really great too.

yesterday was the Jonas show. I went to their Road Dogs game but they didn't let fans in this time as it was a private game. LAME. but I stood next to Danielle the dolphin for like 2 minutes, her nose is just as unfortunate in person, and she has a sweet voice, no accent at all. I told Mama J she was a fox and she laughed and smiled at me, lol. I lied to Frankie the little gremlin and told him, I liked his song for Ponyo, he told me I was awesome and gave me a high 5. and Papa J is really sweet. BSong was there. saw Maya, Bulldozer and Hoff. met the boys and Big Rob extremely briefly, shook all their hands, the boys were gorgeous as always. Road Dogs lost, and I have a bad sunburn. LOL

the concert was so much fun. I had pretty good seats. Jordin is fierce. Love Noyes. it was a very Nick favored crowd, this night's crowd he was their fave. I wore a headband with Kevin's name on it, and a couple people looked at me like I was an alien for liking Kev or whatever. well SCREW YOU GUYS. LOL. and at the concert/FMC after show. saw Ciara, Katelyn Tarver, Ricky Ullman, Tiffany Thornton and Amelia. Amelia is so gorgeous, js.

so yeah good times.
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